LivFlush - The Innovative, Touchless Toilet Flush Device for Home Use

Patent Number: HK30024640

LivFlush is designed by LivThing, a forward-thinking tech startup based on the mission of making life better, innovating affordable daily life products for underserved consumer segments around the world.

"LivFlush is not just a product line, but also the first step towards developing the technology necessary to provide user-friendly solutions to improve daily life."

LivFlush is the manifestation of the belief of LivThing.

We not only focus on theoretical significance and use value, but also on a product’s added value, emotional value, aesthetic value and the balance between humanization and technology.

We are all aware that the toilet tank is one of the dirtiest spots in the bathroom that spread germs.

Studies reveal that each toilet flush produces approximately 14,000 to 80,000 aerosol droplets. Pathogens can spread in each and every one of these, lingering on surfaces and contaminate the entire washroom.

Unlike any touchless sensors on the market that require users to install inside the tank, LivFlush is an ultra-portable external toilet flush sensor that features commercial-grade performance with everyday convenience.

Hence, LivFlush is designed to eliminate these aerosol droplets and can significantly prevent bacterial transmission.

LivFlush takes away the hassle and allows users to say goodbye to the days of diving down into a filthy water tank.

LivFlush is all about high-tech, but requires no costly installation is energy efficient and extremely user friendly. Its 180-degree intelligent infra-red sensor enables touchless flush activation in just two seconds.

The sleek modern design of LivFlush uses a powerful built-in quick-charge battery, making it more convenient and ready-for-use than any other toilet flush sensors in traditional consumer markets. Just a strip of tape, and it’s fixed onto toilet tank lid.

Furthermore, LivFlush’s unique and extremely versatile touchless flush system concentrates waterflow in every flush, significantly reducing viral droplets spraying in the air. In other words, LivFlush ensures a much cleaner and safer living environment.

LivFlush has full flush and half flush modes to choose from, uses less water than typical flushing systems and reduces daily water consumption, perfect for water conservationists.

Scope of application

  • suitable for any toilet tank with the standard round button
  • flush button dimensions:
    ≤ 60mm for the outer ring
    ≥ 27 mm for the button
    ≤ 8 mm in height

The product comes with

  • 1x Touchless flush device
  • 1 x Device base
  • 2 x strips of double-sided tape
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 2 x adjusting pad

Installation and operation

  • Clean the toilet tank, remove dirt.
  • Place double-sided tape around the flush button
  • Fix the base onto the tape, then wind the sensor down into place
  • Switch on the touchless flush sensor
  • Place your hand over the sensor and sweep slowly about 5 cm from the sensor, when green light is on, setup is complete

It may take 40 seconds for the next half flush to be ready after one is made. For full flushes, the red light will remain on for about 40 seconds before the tank is full again. When charging is required, the red light will flash 3 times continuously. Remember to turn off the device before removing it from the base, but you still can use your toilet the old-fashioned way at any time. When charing is done, simply put the sensor back and turn it on.

“ The flow of this touchless flush is not as rapid as common flushing, hence less water splash, much more hygienic.” - User 019, Test Group

“ Simple hand movements allow me to choose the flush mode I need, it’s perfect to save water, fully catering my concern for environmental protection.” - User 061, Test Group

LivFlush is now available on Kickstarter with incentives for early adopters:
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