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What is LivThing? ​

We listen to people’s desires. We innovate products to fulfill people’s needs. We create value to people’s daily life. LivThing connects living with innovation optimizing human life. We are always targeting to provide user-friendly solutions. Theoretical significance and value is our initial ambition but we also aim to bring added, emotional and aesthetic value to each single inventions, while balancing humanization and technology.

LivThing is а brand based on the forward-thinking mission of making life better, innovating affordable daily life products for underserved consumer segments around the world. LivThingis not just a product line, but also the first step towards developing the technology necessary to provide user-friendly solutions to improve daily life.”

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Why do we use it?

Studies reveal that each toilet flush produces approximately 14,000 to 80,000 aerosol droplets. Pathogens can be spread in the...

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Where does it come from?

LivFlush is designed by team LivThing, а team who forward-looking technological startup, based on a mission of making life better,...

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